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hi, sorry for the awful late reply
i appreciate you for notifying me and i have checked out her website
and yours as well, it does seem like she has taken it down, no worries though
even visitors who probably have seen the layout can tell it was far off her style and anyone who was smart enough would also notice that she stole it.
anyway i just wanted to thank you again, these are pretty old stylesheets and i actually dont mind them using it, however stealing the entire artwork just proves they needed it more than me i guess o.O

Posted by JustLeah on Sep 13, 11 12:31 am

hey, i just wanted to tell you that pink-robot.net stole your skyline blog layout and added it as a domain layout. I've added her to caught.webs.com, a site that keeps track of all this... well, just wanted to let you know! please contact us at our website!

Posted by CAUGHT799 on Aug 6, 11 5:02 pm
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